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​​Famous People Who Use/Have Used Hypnosis
(If you choose Hypnosis, be assured that you are in the best company!)

Actors, Performers, Creative Types
Ellen - Talk Show Host                          Oprah – Super Woman
Matt Damon – Actor                              Ashton Kutcher – Actor
Charlize Theron- Actor                          Jessica Alba - Actress (hypno-birther)
Mel Gibson – Actor                                Sylvester Stallone - Actor / Director
Michael Jackson – Performer                Drew Barrymore - Actress
Billy Joel – Performer                            Kirstie Alley – Actress
Mark Knopfler – Rock Musician             Jane Pauly - Talk Show Host
Sophie Dahl - model                              Brittney Spears – Singer
Ben Afflek – Actor                                  Wynona Ryder - Actress

Geri Halliwell – Former Pop Star, Singer (“Ginger Spice”)
Helen Reddy - Singer ("I am woman," is now a hypnotherapist)
Orlando Bloom – Actor (hypnosis quelled his childhood obsession with chocolate)
Mozart – Composer, Musician (composed the opera “Cosi Fan Tutte” while in hypnosis)
Aaron Eckhart - Actor (credits hypnosis with changing his life—gave up smoking and alcohol)
Kevin Costner - Actor (his regular hypnotherapist was flown to Hawaii to address seasickness

on the set of “Water World”)
Alfred Lord Tennyson - Poet (repeated hypnotic mantra in order to access different states of consciousness during which whole poems came to him)
Paul Daniels - Magician (lost his fear of closed spaces thanks to hypnotherapy)
Chopin - Pianist and Composer (also, took classes in hypnosis at the University of Strasbourg)

“Higher Mind” Thinkers
Henry Ford - Founder Ford Motor Co.     
Thomas Edison – Inventor
Sigmund Freud – Father of Psychoanalysis, also conducted hypnosis
Albert Einstein – Physicist, Inventor    

Nikola Tesla – Inventor
Goethe - Writer and Scientist

Sports Personalities
2009 Super Bowl Winning Pittsburgh Steelers
Jimmy Connors – Tennis champion (Sports Enhancement)
Chuck Clausen - former Coach, Philadelphia Eagles
Steve Hooker - 2008 Gold Medalist in Pole Vaulting (hypnotist helped him to visualize his success)
12 Time Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Phelps (swimming, Sports Enhancement)
Kevin McBride - celebrated Irish heavyweight boxing champion (summons his hypnotist before every game

to get in the right frame of mind)
Jack Nicklaus - Championship Golfer (lauded hypnotherapy and visualization techniques as the sole reason 

for his improved concentration)
Tiger Woods - World Champion Golfer (Sports Enhancement, credits his strong mental health to years

of hypnosis he got as a child)
Countless Olympic and professional athletes who are more private about their therapies.

Interesting Others
Jackie Onassis Kennedy – Former First Lady, Wife of President John F. Kennedy (used hypnosis to deal

with tragic events in her life)
Andy Bryant - Hair Care Consultant (made headlines after using hypnosis for his vasectomy without anesthesia,

and went back to work immediately after the operation)
Sara (Fergie) Ferguson - Duchess of York (quit biting her nails and stopped a methamphetamine addiction

via hypnotherapy)
Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England (used post-hypnotic suggestions to stay awake all night

and avoid fatigue during WW II)

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