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Reduce Stress ~ Optimize Weight
Pain Management (i.e., migraines, phantom limb, pelvic, Fibromyalgia, knee, back pain) 
Hoarding ~ Releasing the Past ~ Removal of Creative Blocks
Spirit Attachment ~ Hypnotic Regression ~ Soul Hypnosis
Enhancement of Your Natural Abilities-Academic, Athletic, Creative
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Improve Sleep Quality and Duration
Fear of Public Speaking, Performance Anxiety
Hypnosis for Children's Issues (> age 7 or 8 depending upon maturity of child) 
Memory Enhancement ~ Smoking Cessation

Reduction of Emotional Pain

Maximize the Positive Effects of Medical Treatments
Increase Wellness ~ Habit Control ~ Reduce Shyness
Increase Self-Confidence ~ Enhance Motivation
Acceptance of Life Changes ~ Overcoming Grief
Increase Positive Thinking and MORE ...


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What if YOU could be happier, more positive, more relaxed, more successful, more secure?!
What if YOUR wishes, YOUR dreams

could actually come true?
What if YOU could begin to improve YOUR life

right now?
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